After a treatment  your body will be in a mild state of change, fluids will be moving around the body to help both remove any toxins/waste, and to carry oxygenated blood to aid the healing process. For this reason please be careful when getting of the massage bed as you may feel a little dizziness.

After your treatment please follow the advice below in order to gain the most benefit from your treatment.

Please try to:

  • Increase water intake following a treatment to assist the body’s rehydration & detoxification process.
  • Have a suitable rest period after the treatment.
  • Take care if driving as your reflexes may not be as quick.

And try to:

  • Cut down on consumption of stimulants (ie alcohol/coffee/tea/energy drinks).
  • Not have a heavy meal for at least 4 hours after a treatment.
  • Try to rest after a treatment.
  • Leave out any alcohol and cigarettes for around 12 hours.

Also you may experience the following reactions, these are beneficial to your body, some can be unpleasant but short-lived and over a period of time your reactions will diminish.

  • You may feel generally sleepy or tired.
  • Weepy/emotional (due to release of tension).
  • Warm (Due to improved circulation).
  • Increased urination (due to the body releasing toxins).
  • Less stressed and more relaxed.
  • Improved mood patterns.
  • Improved sleep patterns.

Regular massage treatments are highly recommended for maximum and long lasting health benefits