Massage is the manipulation of body tissue to produce therapeutic effects. There are many forms of massage and Swedish massage is so called after a system of movements which were developed by a Swedish physiologist in the nineteen century.

The movements of Effleurage, Petrissage, Vibration, Friction, Rolling and Percussion can be adapted to suit the clients requirements. Therapists are also trained in the areas of Anatomy & Physiology to gain the knowledge to provide clients with the full benefits of the massage.

There are slightly different types of Swedish massage available to produce a desired effect.

Lymphatic massage will encourage fluid and toxins from non medical oedemas (swelling & puffiness), to return to the lymph nodes to be then removed from the body.

Relaxation and Reduced Muscle Tension massage is slow, deep and rhythmical and is ideal for those that suffer from stress, and would like some relief and rest. Specific areas of muscle tension or soreness can also be targeted during this treatment.

A Sense of Well Being massage utilises the full range of movements and as well as producing a therapeutic effect, it also stimulates alertness leaving a feeling of well being.

What can I expect when I book a treatment?

All treatments precede with the setting up of the couch and an initial consultation which will take few minutes.

In your consultation we discuss the best course of treatment for your individual physical, emotional and mental health. In this consultation we discuss your medical history and what you would like to gain from your treatment. You will be asked to remove the required items of clothing (in privacy), this will vary depending on your treatment. You will remain covered at all times with towels, apart from the area being massaged.

Treatments are suitable for both women and men and for all ages.